Duties of Drivers

1 – Before taking to the track drivers must check the inspection log to ensure that the track has been passed as safe for running. As a driver it is your responsibility, do not assume someone else has done it.

2 – Drivers are responsible for the safety of their train. No driver shall drive on the track if their ability is impaired through fatigue, drink or drugs (medicinal or others).

3 – Drivers should not stop anywhere on the track except in the station unless an emergency occurs

4 – The driver must check the security of couplings and the operation of the brakes.

5 – Drivers must keep a good lookout, and keep speeds within safe limits.

6 – Drivers must not join or leave either track without first advising other drivers already on the track. If passenger hauling is in operation on the ground level track, the signal operator will control the timing of the joining/leaving.

7 – After joining or leaving the raised track drivers must ensure that the turntable is secured before running continues.