Stage 8 – Cylinders inside

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The inside cylinders

Fabrication of the inclined inside cylinders. refer Note 4 below

Note 1 –

As work progressed on the inside cylinders I realised the risks of each operation were becoming greater and that any error could cost my considerable investment in time and materials if it was not recoverable, so each step was made only after a lot of thought, making sure that no part had been overlooked before it was impossible to go back and correct the omission.

Each machining operation was also carefully planned in my head before committing to cutting metal. Hopefully I’ve got it right and I’m not ending this project with a glass case model.

I spent many hours pondering how to draw the inside cylinder, let alone build it. Having a copy of the full-size cylinder drawing helped with the detail, but actually getting my head around putting together a cylinder that was inclined in relation to its valve chest was really challenging. I followed the concept used for the outside cylinders, but the construction needed to be different, not least because the internal support plates were inclined in relation to the ends

The process begins in the obvious way with the preparation and machining of the end plates