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After weeks of poor weather & even the occasional thunderstorm & flood, the sun shone beautifully for us on the Saturday. We were not even put off by the thousands attending an event in the main area that had been diverted to Exhibition Park at the last minute because of the weather & the Olympic event at the football stadium. Below are some of the photos taken over the 2 days, most are self explanatory. Many thanks must go to all TSMEE members who helped on the organisation and preparation before hand as well as those who worked tirelessly on the day. Also, many thanks to our visitors who made the days successful and most enjoyable. 

Special thanks must also go to Craig Manns who made a new sign for us.


Both ground level and raised tracks were in operation.










No comment!






Running continued into the evening with Peter & Pam providing a barbecue.

Sunday was still dry, but not as warm.












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